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December 19 2009


"the morning after"

is always the worst. after anything. been feeling that in recent times, when somehow every day ended up being nothing but the day after yesterday. thought that was going to change, in the light of recent events.

after I publicly kicked the habit (yesterday) I spent some time in the gym today. I can already tell, it’s gonna be once again trading one addiction for another. spent some time with the rope to get back into shape.

December 17 2009


The Occasion (pt.3)

so I left, stood outside her apartment, decided I’d have a smoke. looked at my marlboros and though, "how the hell did that shit become my official currency for the last years". decided I didn't really want to think about it. looked across the street, observed the hustle. everybody makes mistakes, they say. I wasn't looking forward to making any more. fuck this, man. for better or for worse, I'm back.

December 15 2009


The Occasion (pt.2)

she got 5 children. I told her, bitch, they's abandoned. they's run-down like the rest of this fucking block. take care of your fucking children. they're all cramped around the computer, looking at porn every time you turn around to suck somebody off. she gave me the talk on how she's not a whore, saw nobody else, waited for me, etc. we never had anything serious so I didn't care. not gonna see her again. got to leave the old life behind. and move on. was already the first mistake to come back here.

December 13 2009


The Occasion

this entry’s about how I fucked a bitch. she’s got five children now. last I saw her she had two. that was some years ago. anyway. it’s not like it was good or like I really wanted to. more like it was necessary. it’s part of the celebratory ritual for the occasion. very much like seeing a stripper before getting hitched.

December 07 2009

powerful broad

"best of both worlds" appeal

December 04 2009


While we:
still makin gangsta hits
You'll be:
still jockin gangsta dicks

— Nate Dogg - Xxplosive
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